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SPERRY, Okla. – A local youth football coach is facing legal action after his 5th and 6th grade team was suspended from the playoffs after another coach on the same team was involved in the league.

Will Collier started a GoFundMe to raise money to pay the legal fees, saying it all started when a Sperry coach was accused of filming a game between two other teams, and the team Sperry’s 5th and 6th grade football was suspended by KanOk Youth Football. League.

Collier says the team was suspended in a manner that violated league rules, and that only the coach was punished, not the players.

“This is still going on in many areas of youth sports and people don’t want to take the risk of doing it and stepping up and standing up for justice,” Collier said. “So we decided to just go ahead and do the right thing.

The GoFundMe description says KYLF board members, Dewey Youth Booster Club, and city officials worked together to prevent Sperry, an undefeated team, from playing in the championship game.

According to Collier, league rules do not prescribe a penalty for recording another team’s game. He says the decision to suspend Sperry was made by a citywide vote.

“So, I finally got to vote as a city councilor,” Collier said. “Why did they break the rules because the rules say it’s up to the league board members to decide on penalties. So, they broke their rules by calling a penalty, it is not in the constitution, in the sense that the laws do not allow them to do it.”

According to Collier, the suspension is related to Sperry’s honor club. We visited the president of KYFL, who is also the coach of Dewey’s 5th and 6th grade football team. He told me that he was not voting to suspend the team, that the championship game was already scheduled at Dewey, so Sperry was useless. According to Collier, playoff games have topped two thousand dollars.

But Collier says the budget is the least important because the players are taking the hit. A youth football coach from Pryor reached out to Collier to set up a game, so the Sperry players could play one last time.

“They just volunteered to come to Sperry. It’s kind of a fundraising event and letting our kids play when they haven’t been able to. They didn’t know that was the last game they played. They didn’t. knew it was their last game.”

Collier says Sperry’s game against Pryor will be Saturday at 7:30 p.m.

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