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There are many benefits to having backyard chickens. I know this. I’m crazy to think about it. They eat insects, produce fruit, and taste delicious when mixed with eleven herbs and spices.

Again, it’s up to you visible current cost of goods?

But before you go birding… find the number of chickens you need within the Amarillo city limits.

First, How many acres do you have?

The laws regarding backyard chickens in Amarillo are important on one main issue. How many acres do you have?

In Amarillo, four (4) chickens per quarter acre. Less than a quarter? No chicken.

Regarding roosters, the latest information I have found is that the number of roosters does not exceed 25% of the flock.

I sat next to a guy who thought a rooster would be a great addition to his backyard. The stupid thing is blind, because it only cries at night when everyone is asleep.

Is it a good idea to have chickens in your backyard?

If you have a quarter acre to spare, I think maybe. Are you ready to take care of the birds and the cabin as you should to prevent the spread of parasites and unpleasant odors?

Then go. If you don’t know what those things mean, then you need to educate yourself or watch a YouTube video first.

Personal Care, Online Life Is Cool…If You Get It Right

This is what happened to me and my neighbor. He thought he was being close to the man by getting his chickens and roosters. He was tired of paying a rich man’s price for something as simple as an egg.

He stood for the workman, and was very doubtful about it.

His horn is right next to my fence. His cock crowed at the worst times. The smell still lingers on me. My dog ​​goes crazy every time I let him out in the backyard.

I want to live independently, off the grid. I have my own plans for it, but not at the expense of everyone around me. Also, if you decide to fight the law for this, you may get a wrongful act as a reward.

If you have any questions, the best place to start asking is Amarillo Animal Management & Welfare.

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