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The saying ‘time is money’ is very true for law firms. In fact, efficiency is essential to success especially with the increasing popularity of payday loans, every minute counts in efficiency.

With limited time and increasing workloads, law firms of all sizes must look for better ways to make a lawyer’s life better and easier. Doing this will not only help them be more productive but also improve the legal experience for both employees and clients.

Make articles better

While many law firms have turned to cloud platforms to help them manage, search and share their documents, there are more benefits to document creation.

This is because the creation of many types of legal documents, such as offers and contracts, is very informal. Many businesses rely heavily on manual labor and data entry, which can be time-consuming and error-prone.

So how do law firms come out on top in this highly competitive world? The answer lies in automation.

Speed ​​up processes and create error-free operations

Whether you’re a small law firm creating a client onboarding form or a large law firm creating M&A documents, many of these workflows can be easily automated and can save significant time and money. In fact, lawyers have reported up to 82 percent time savings when using document automation to generate contracts and other legal documents.

By automating the creation of legal documents through intuitive templates and apps, legal teams can increase their productivity, reduce errors, and eliminate the need for manual filling. the same information across multiple documents and formats.

Here are some specific examples of how we can help law firms of all sizes and corporate law groups:

  • New client onboarding for small law firms: With so much competition among small businesses, profitability can make or break when it comes to winning new business. Automating engagement letters and engagement letters sent to customers to sign electronically can save administrative time and effort. At the same time, it shows customers that the company is fast, responsive, accurate and innovative.
  • Publishing articles: It’s best for boutique firms — such as estate planning, family law or bankruptcy — that offer set rates for legal packages, rather than hourly fees, which is important. the ability to save time in document creation to maintain hourly work within a range of wages. structure. Automation can help businesses gather the information they need and automatically generate most, if not all, of the documents in a pay-as-you-go package. This helps to save time and free up time for private conversations with customers.
  • Installation and purchase of time sheets and production of work documents: Because of sensitive legal work, such as mergers and acquisitions (M&A) — time is valuable and the success of large-scale transactions that affect many people — time-saving solutions can be beneficial. This is where automation can help larger law firms. By automating the process of creating a term paper entry and automatically filling out standard M&A documents, lawyers can get down to business and eliminate the risk of errors.
  • Entering cases for corporate law groups: Usually, when corporate lawyers are served with lawsuits, they have to manually issue pleadings in order to process the case efficiently. Automating the onboarding process ensures that no steps are missed, responsive application templates are automatically generated, and all relevant information is where it is needed. This allows legal staff to spend more time responding to the lawsuit and less time on administrative work.

In a world where law firms are competing for cost and talent, the adoption of automation has never been more important. It’s clear that automating workflows and creating documents can help law firms on the path to a more efficient and effective business.

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Scott Kelly is Senior Product Manager at NetDocuments and Co-Founder of AfterPattern (recently acquired by NetDocuments).


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