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The Warriors’ youngsters couldn’t have asked for better veterans to learn from in Steph Curry, Klay Thompson and Draymond Green.

Curry, a lock for the Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame, put on a shooting clinic almost nightly and revolutionized the game of basketball.

For Moses Moody, however, Thompson is the splash brother he aspires to emulate.

Speaking with NBC Sports Bay Area’s Warriors insider Monte Poole on the latest episode of the “Dub’s Talk” podcast, the 20-year-old guard explained why he can learn more from watching Thompson than Curry.

“I sit there and I watch Steph and Klay, I watch the way they throw the ball, watch what they do,” Moody said. “Steph, it’s hard to really do anything with that, it’s hard to imitate and take something from it, because he can make shots, it’s extraordinary, it’s not necessarily the same. From the dribble, from the run, from one leg, back, he can do anything. I’m from him. His hand is the thing that takes, and the way it comes from His hand.”

As Moody examines and learns how Curry sets up to shoot and releases the ball, the young guard explained why it was easier to learn from Thompson.

“But Klay seems to be more regular, and he has things he wants to be like when he throws the ball, and it’s easy to take things away from him. But that’s what I try and pick up when I watch games. Imitating somebody and saying, ‘It works for him, so it’s going to work for me,'” Moody told Poole.

“I look at everything and pick a couple of things I might like.”

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Moody’s explanation is a testament to Curry’s otherworldly talent and absurd acrobatic shooting that is impossible to replicate.

That’s why Thompson’s simple catch-and-shoot style is an easy blueprint for young players like Moody, Jonathan Cuminga and James Wiseman to follow.

At the end of the day, the Warriors have a handful of veteran players who will contribute to the development of Golden State’s next core.

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