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ST. Louis, Mo. (KMOV) – Two men were charged Wednesday in the April shooting death of a St. Louis man.

Ray Bradley, 44, and Morion Lindsey, 32, were involved in a conspiracy that led to the death of Titus Armstead on April 21, according to the indictment.

Bradley was not present at Armstead’s murder, but purchased a plane ticket to travel from New Jersey to St. Louis, according to a statement. He planned the murder to cover up the theft of billions of dollars worth of cocaine and drug money.

Another statement said Lindsey picked up Armstead from the airport and drove him to Penrose Park in St. Louis, where he was killed. Bradley then took a picture of his body as proof of his death.

Lindsay and Bradley were charged with conspiracy to commit murder and murder-for-hire. If convicted, he faces life imprisonment.

Officials say Lindsay was indicted in May along with another man on charges of destroying evidence to obstruct a federal investigation. They are accused of destroying the social security card and mobile phone in April.


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