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New Delhi: In order to reach people living in the state and beyond, the Bharatiya Janata Party led government of Assam came up with the idea of ​​a newsletter to convey to the public details about the policies and programs of the state government. Launched by Home Minister Amit Shah in Guwahati on Tuesday, the newsletter – titled Asom Barta or Voice of Assam – is expected to “give people an opportunity to learn about Assam’s journey of development”.

A statement issued by the Assam government said that it is the first such initiative by any state government in India.

The 16-page monthly newsletter, available in Assamese, English, Hindi and Bengali, “will enable the people of Assam to stay connected with their government and its policies”, said a statement issued by the Assam government.

“In the first phase, the target is to reach one crore readers using various modern technologies like Whatsapp, Telegram, E-mail, SMS and other social media platforms. More than 10,000 hard copies. Asom Barta will be published and delivered regularly to all regional government offices at the district & block level and prominent citizens across the country,” added the press release.

The publication and content editing of the newsletter will be handled by the Assam Directorate of Information and Public Relations (DIPR) and director of the department Bishnu Kamal Bora will be the editor-in-chief. The publishing team will include four other members from various related professions.

“The newspaper will break all barriers between the government and the people. It is the first of its kind (for any government) and it is in line with what PM Modi also believes, that there should be more communication between the government and the people,” Bora said. said ThePrint.

“It will show the good behavior of the government”

Bora speaking about the nature of the newsletter said, “We intend to build a strong subscription base to be able to carry the success stories of the government. There will be an advisory board made up of leading journalists and intellectuals of the region. Their views on state policies and programs will also be sought periodically. “

A senior official of the regional government added that “several members of staff who have made efforts (government projects under their control) will have the opportunity to write about government policies and programs.” Sometimes the Chief Minister (Himanta Biswa Sarma) himself will write about the administrative aspects, he will directly communicate with the people.”

According to Bora, this newsletter will also help members of the Assamese diaspora from around the world to stay connected to their region.

“It is not possible (for people) to keep up with all the political meetings of the important announcements. The newspaper will hold important announcements and all the good practices of the regional government. The diaspora all over the world will also know the talent that has emerged in their country and inspiring individuals (who will be featured in the newsletter). Government microfinance schemes have helped many people and I believe they should be talked about more.”

Bora added: “In the first edition, we focused on cancer hospitals built in collaboration with the TATA group in Assam. All the unsung heroes of the government who have made an impact in their workplaces, will be in focus. Stories about Assamese soldiers will also be highlighted in future editions.”

(Editing by Poulomi Banerjee)

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