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Assam Chief Minister Himanta Biswa Sarma stressed the need for proper and meaningful rehabilitation of all those affected by the violence during the lull in the Bodoland movement.

Sarma was on a day-long visit to Kokrajhar district on Sunday and attended as Chief Guest the closing ceremony of the golden jubilee celebrations of Gossaigaon College and the next day, the third triennial conference of the People’s Party Liberal (UPPL) held at Chandrapara on the outskirts of the city. Kokrajhar.

Speaking first on the occasion which took place at the Gossaigaon college campus, he praised the historic institution of higher learning which was established in 1971, noting that they played a major role in the reconstruction of the nation from which they graduated. broke the graduates of higher education who have worked on their skills and experience. . The Prime Minister emphasized that the Gossaigaon College Trust will continue to work in disseminating quality education in the region, as it has been doing for the past 50 years.

Referring to the Prime Minister’s appeal of utilizing the next 25 years as “Azadi ka Amrit Kaal” to ensure that the nation reaches its rightful place in every aspect beyond 100 years of independence, Ra The Prime Minister urged everyone associated with Gossaigaon College to ensure that their institution plays an appropriate role. In his speech, he asked the teachers and students to work to transform Gossaigaon College into a temple of wisdom and knowledge.

The minister promised that he will honestly look at all the proposals received from the administration of Gossaigaon College in terms of education and infrastructure development. He assured the necessary steps for starting graduate courses in all subjects and streams within three years.

Sarma also urged the students of Gossaigaon College to awaken and create an entrepreneurial spirit so that instead of being job seekers, they can proudly find themselves as job creators in the society. Stating that there is no alternative to an innovation-led development model in the current scenario, Sarma appealed to the students of Gossaigaon College to be a part of the startup revolution that will dramatically change the economy. the country in the past few years. He discussed various initiatives such as capital investment and taxes to encourage start-ups and industrialization in the State.

Referring to technologies such as artificial intelligence, big data, augmented reality, cloud computing, advanced genomics as the future of the country’s startup, the Prime Minister asked the administration of Gossaigaon College to arrange the visit of their students towards manufacturing and one-stop facilities. seeding in different parts of the State. This kind of visit, he said, will be an inspiration to the students before they dare to work in their fields of study and interests.

Referring to Gossaigaon as one of the least developed areas in the State, the Chief Minister promised to draw up a concrete plan for infrastructure and other needs in the area.

As for Gossaigaon, the Chief Minister was accompanied by Textiles Minister Urkhao Gwra Brahma, MLA Jiron Basumatary, Deputy Kokrajhar Barnali Deka and others.

Later in the day, the Prime Minister also attended as chief guest the third convention of the United People’s Liberal Party (UPPL) held at Chandrapara in the district. First of all, the president spoke and praised the current administration of Bodoland region led by Mr. Promod Boro who is also the president of UPPL.

Referring to BTR as a clear example of how a region that was once unstable can transform into one of the most peaceful administrations in the administration, the Prime Minister praised the leadership of Promod Boro and the general cooperation of the people of all ethnic communities. who live together in the 6th schedule. the area.

He asked the leaders of UPPL to continue the good work they have done in the last two years, on the other hand, he promised them all the cooperation, including finance, from the government of Assam.

He also stressed the need for proper and meaningful rehabilitation of all those affected by the violence during the lull in the Bodoland movement. He said that all the people living in BTR should forget the bitter past, join hands and pray for a new era of peace and development.

The minister also announced a grant of Rs 150 crore for the construction of a modern sports stadium in Kokrajhar. This will be helpful in developing and recognizing the sports talent of BTR youth, he said.


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