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The Alcohol and Beverage Commission of Ontario (AGCO) has announced that the transition period for operators in Ontario to move to a regulated market ends today (October 31).

The deadline was set to allow operators to apply for and obtain licenses, allowing them to operate in a regulated market, and to give unlicensed operators time to exit the market.

From now on, the AGCO can take legal action against unlicensed operators in the market.

It was set out earlier this month, when the AGCO updated its Registration Standards for Internet Gambling. Meanwhile, the AGCO said it will also provide a notice period to help those transitioning to the regulated market.

The revisions made significant changes to the 1.22 standard, which was modified to set the transition period for October 31.

Today also marks the beginning of other standards being approved – including standard 4.09, which requires gaming systems to be installed and maintained to ensure the safety and security of users.

In addition, the 4.35 standard – which restricts access to live dealer games to people who want to trade – also comes into effect today.

This is one of the first major sites in the organized igaming market in Ontario, which opened on April 4 of this year.


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