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Some of the passengers who flew Lufthansa from Frankfurt to Bengaluru on October 18 are ready for legal action as they arrived 36 hours late and after a long the problem.

German airline Lufthansa flight LH 754 diverted to Istanbul, Turkey, due to a medical emergency shortly after takeoff. About four hours later, the passengers were dropped off at Istanbul Airport in Turkey. The flight was delayed three times and landed in Bengaluru on the evening of October 20.

Airmen are frustrated because there was not enough help on the ground for accommodation and flight conditions.

Around 380 people were on the flight, including two-time Grammy-award winner Ricky Kej from Bengaluru. “No hotel, no staff, no comfort” – He accused the airline of taking “Indian customers” on Twitter.

Of them, 171 have joined a WhatsApp group and are discussing options to request refunds and how to seek legal redress, said Vasishta Jayanti. He decided to fly from Istanbul via Muscat on another flight, spending Rs 54,000, in addition to the Rs 73,000 he paid Lufthansa for the round trip.

“The entire team has filled out the feedback form that appeared on the Lufthansa website. Maybe one or two have received an answer. I haven’t,” said the businessman.

Lufthansa’s website talks about “the right to compensation if your arrival at the airport is delayed by more than three hours, and cannot be guaranteed for extraordinary circumstances”.

Along with her brother and three friends, Vasishta plans to file a consumer rights case after the Deepavali holidays. “Since we have bought the tickets in India, we hope that our laws have something to compensate us not only for the expenses but also for the problems,” he said. (see box)

Since he has a travel policy that covers long flight times, he is also talking to the insurance company to see if
he can refund the money spent on the additional ticket.

Unlike Vasishta, Reshmy Prasad has received an email from Lufthansa, offering a “compensation” in response to her complaint. But he was not satisfied. “They haven’t defined how to calculate the cost,” said an electrical engineer from Hebbal, a business and vacationer in Norway.

He is also considering a customer case “for the lack of services”, including the lack of vegetarian food on the six and a half hour flight from Istanbul. “I just ate bread and butter,” he said.

Since most of their luggage is checked, they have limited toiletries, clothes and baby food in their carry-on bags. Deepthi Mooga, a guest lecturer at the college, carries only a handful of washcloths. She doesn’t have a credit card in the world and she always worries about running out of money.

“We need compensation but most importantly, we need to explain from the airline and the Indian authorities that they did not act in this matter,” said Deepthi.

Follow up

The passengers arrived tired. Some were on their feet asking about the flight status, while others could not find a room to rest as the number of seats was limited.

Gayathri Kulkarni and her husband flew from the US to India via Frankfurt to celebrate Deepavali in Mysuru,
his hometown. But he was still in Bengaluru at his relative’s home when we called on Tuesday, nursing an injury he sustained as a result of the “36-hour torture”.

The 70-year-old research scientist woke up exhausted the day after his arrival when he fell in the shower and injured his left arm. “Now I’m wearing a brace and a sling,” she says.

Vasishta and her brother are preparing to file a police complaint for the phishing scam.

“Since my international package expired, I accessed the WiFi network at the Istanbul airport. Within 15 minutes, more than six unauthorized transactions of Rs 82,000 were attempted. on my credit card. I called my bank to block the card but almost Rs 33,000 has been charged to my card. My brother’s card was targeted and the transactions cost 24,000 it is being evaluated,” he said.

Reshmy and her husband are busy with their work.

Taruna Reddy was on a paid business trip. But fed up with the delay, he decided to fly out of Muscat instead, “for Rs 50,000 on a last minute ticket”.

“The journey back was so mentally taxing that I couldn’t get into the valley to celebrate Deepavali,” said Taruna, who works in a product management area.

The airline’s response

On Twitter, Lufthansa said that replacing the oxygen tanks used in the medical emergency took a long time, and that the flight crew had to work longer than the law.

What does the law say?

Flight delays come under the complaints service of the Consumer Protection Act, 2019. Indra Dhanush MA, advocate, says, “You can demand compensation from the airline for delay, lack of communication about delay, lack of help to arrange accommodation, if you have not had access to the medicines you have checked. Not only the ticket price, you can also decide on the pain of psychological and loss of business due to delay. You can claim compensation for more than what the airline provided. This applies to people who bought their tickets in India and abroad if the airline operates a business or office here. “There is a high success rate for customers in these cases,” he said.


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