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By John V. Berry, Esq.

Continuity Evaluation (CE) is an ongoing inspection process for security clearance holders who monitor cleared personnel between periodic inspections. Many government employees, the military, and government contractors have been integrated into the CE system in recent years.

What is Continuous Evaluation?

Continuous Evaluation (CE) is a security screening process that evaluates the background of a cleared individual. In the past, the government has investigated people with security clearances by re-examining them every 5 or 10 years, depending on the person’s level of clearance. There are often instances where the security clearance process did not uncover malicious information about individuals between investigations.

The CE is a government effort to modernize the security clearance system and increase the amount of time adverse information is reviewed between regular inspections. CE uses automated record checks to provide real-time security risk information for individuals. CE checks use commercial databases, criminal databases, US Government databases, public records and other available information. Currently, CE does not use social media, although there is an experimental program that uses social media analysis.

When a person is enrolled in a CE, the government is notified of any changes in the status of the holder. If incorrect or incomplete information is detected through the CE process, the system will report it to the support department. An example of a CE is where a defendant is arrested for a crime and then presented to a federal judge. The agency will review the potentially harmful information to determine if further security clearance investigations are required. With CE, it is important for individuals to address reporting issues that arise before they become apparent.

CE is a work in progress. Changes and updates to the CE will occur when the government changes its security clearance procedures as part of the reform. The ultimate goal is Continuous Continuous (CV), a more general form of CE. Finally the CV eliminates the need for re-examination in the future.

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