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There are hundreds of legal tech startups on the market but who survive and thrive? How to build, and what are the main ideas for raising money – where to invest?

As part of my LegalTech Matters Litera series, I spoke with Kristen Sonday, founder and CEO of the pro bono project Paladin, which this year raised an $8m Series A, and with Haley Altman, a strategic consultant at Literally, recently. led their M&A efforts, completing 10 acquisitions in 18 months. Haley created the transaction management platform Doxly, which Litera acquired in 2019.

We will talk about:

It begins: How and why Kristen and Haley decided to build their company, and the process of product-market exploration, growth, fundraising, and M&A.

LegalTech Startup Trends: Exploring industry trends, fundraising models, and technology equity as new trends.

Macroeconomic Climate Change: Looking at who is still building, where investment is going, what buyers are still buying (or not), and forecasts looking ahead.

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