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He may still have a long way to go.

He may not even be in his best family situation.

But it was Amber Portwood in the end some There’s reason to be optimistic about the distance between her, her ex-boyfriend and her young son, James.

Amber Portwood looks into the camera for this photo, which she posted on Instagram.

According to The Sun, a judge ruled in Amber’s favor last week when he allowed her to have access to her four-year-old son Andrew Glennon.

The previous no-contact order has now been revoked and Portwood is now allowed to contact the child by phone or FaceTime.

Separately, the judge ruled that Portwood “deserves simple phone calls and FaceTime conversations with the child.”

If Amber and Andrew cannot agree on the dates and times of these calls, the judge will set a schedule for every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday at 5:30 pm PT.

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In July, Portwood lost possession of James.

The toddler has moved in with her father in California, while Amber is still in Indiana.

In court documents obtained by The Sun at the time, the judge granted Andrew’s request to relocate, giving him sole legal and primary physical custody of James, and ordered that ” seek and consider the opinion of the mother before making important decisions about the child’s treatment, education and religion.”

Amber had a hard time. (Photo courtesy of MTS)

Three years before the lawsuit, Amber was arrested for domestic violence after an argument with Glennon.

She was then accused of killing her boyfriend with a machete… while hiding in the bathroom with James in her arms.

Since then, despite eventually having his charges dropped and not facing prison, Portwood hasn’t been able to spend much time with his son.

With Andrew being granted custody and told he can move to the island with the child, a judge said of Amber this summer: “Mum is often absent from custody, and often leave the room.”

He said this behavior contributed to his final decision.

Amber is the OG
Amber Portwood looks sad in this look at the longtime member of Teen Mom OG.

In response, Amber wrote the following in late July via Instagram:

“I am saddened and saddened by this outcome. I have worked hard to improve myself and improve my relationship with my children.

“While I have always been honest about my past substance abuse and mental health issues, people should have the opportunity to heal themselves and not be tied to their past issues.

“People who have practiced medicine, taken classes, and worked hard to change, should not be punished for past mistakes.

“I have spent years building my bridges and doing everything that was required of me, including completing 21 drug tests and multiple psychological evaluations.”

Amber Portwood and ag

He concluded in his emotional post:

If your path has not been perfect, but you have worked hard to be a better, firmer and kinder person today, keep moving forward like me. [sic] and don’t stop fighting for my children whom I love more than anything.

I’ve been dreaming and trying to prove myself for a long time.

I would not wish this unbearable pain on any mother or father.


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