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DEL MAR, Calif.

The incident occurred on April 1, 2022.

Kris and Shavon Lindley’s seven-year-old daughter was in second grade at Del Mar Hills Academy at the time.

“Our wife picked up our daughter from school and said she was crying. Her eyes were rolling back in her head,” Shavon said.

They rushed to the ER.

“They were about to resuscitate him because he was having trouble breathing,” Shavon said.

The Lindleys said doctors ran several tests to find out what was wrong.

The ethanol test came back showing the equivalent of a .23 blood alcohol level.

At first, the parents said they were happy because it was not a medical condition.

“But, after that, the question is why did my daughter have a .23 [BAC] under the care of a school you think it’s okay to send them out?” said Kris.

In a statement to ABC 10News, the school district said the student may have to use hand sanitizer after the investigation.

According to the Poison Centers of America, most hand sanitizers contain 60% ethyl alcohol, which is more concentrated than most hard alcohols. The website said that even a small amount can cause a child to die.

“In general, children have a lower tolerance because they are not daily drinkers like some people,” said Dr. Richard Clark, Director of Toxicology at UC San Diego.

Dr. Clark said it’s not uncommon for a child to drink hand sanitizer because of the poison, but it can happen.

“One 40 milliliter or a shot of hand sanitizer in a seven- or eight-year-old child can be put on the flu,” Dr. Clark said.

So how was their daughter able to install hand sanitizer?

Shavon believes her daughter’s water bottle may have been tampered with.

“He went to lunch. He left his water bottle outside the classroom and the water bottles were stored on the table outside with the backpacks and ran back to go catch it and started it tastes like lemon after dinner,” Shavon said.

The school district found no evidence of the student’s battery being tampered with.

However, a teacher said that after the incident, they saw the student licking his hands after receiving a washcloth.

“For us, what happened after that moment when they saw him licking his hands, changed the perspective of the school,” said Shavon.

Parents said the school stopped responding to their questions.

The legal claims filed by the Lindley’s stated, “between January and March 2022, [the student] coming back from Del Mar Hills, the Lindleys noticed [the student] showing many aspects of perversion and delusion, he breaks into walls.”

“Mrs. Lindley didn’t really know what was going on and had no way of understanding the circumstances to explain why. [the student] It was a strange practice until the day of the accident,” the documents said.

The parents hope the legal process will lead to more information about what happened that day. They also want the school district to think more about this project.

“The first thing is to teach teachers and parents to be alert to situations like this so this doesn’t happen again,” Shavon said.

The school district said the student was not allowed to wash hands.

Also don’t know any other students who used to wash their hands.

The full story from the Del Mar Union School District:

“The safety of our students is the District’s top priority. Through an investigation, it was discovered that one of our students was consuming hand sanitizer at our school. We are not aware that other students were consuming it. to hand sanitizer. Additionally, the investigation and evidence do not support the conclusion that the student’s water bottle was tampered with. The parents have hired legal counsel who are consulting with our legal counsel. .”


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