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The legal team of the Department of Public Instruction (OPI) is holding the second meeting of School Laws on November 10 from 1 pm to 4 pm in the room 303 on the Montana State Capitol Island.

“As we approach a new legislative session I encourage parents, teachers, and lawmakers to join us in a conversation about the quality of teaching and learning in public schools of Montana,” said OPI CEO Elsie Arntzen. “Putting Montana’s students and families first in education legislation should be a top priority for all of our lawmakers.”

The School Law Conference is free and open to parents, school administrators, custodians, curriculum specialists, teachers, legislators and other interested parties.

Some of the topics include school charter legislation, financial literacy education, licensing education, government certifications, emergency employment authorization, gender and legal education, financial aid for boarding houses and school bus strikes. To see the full schedule, go to

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The conference will feature OPI General Counsel Rob Stutz, OPI attorney Rick Wootton, and Derek D’Angelo, curriculum director for the Foundation for Economic Education. For more information on those featured, go to

The School Law Conference will be available for streaming on the law website or at

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