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What is the IRS Tax Resolution Program?

The term tax shelter refers to the “dispute resolution and prevention” program offered by the IRS. This is how to solve tax issues with the IRS.
The IRS’s goal is to keep all taxpayers “current and responsible”. This means filing your tax returns on time and keeping financial records in compliance with IRS tax guidelines.
Even if you follow accounting standards such as GAAP, there are gaps in your tax filing records. Sometimes, tax returns are filed incorrectly, and in others, you may not file them on time or at all.
This means that the IRS will send you an audit mail. Failure to engage with such emails or respond appropriately may result in a tax dispute.
The IRS issues tax returns and tax assessment programs to provide compensation to taxpayers. However, using these offers from the IRS requires special skills and professional expertise.

What Are the Benefits of Legal Tax Protection?

Legal Tax Defense is a tax assessment firm with years of professional experience dealing with the IRS.
Our expertise includes handling accounting, payroll, tax, and dispute resolution with the IRS. We represent our clients as professional tax attorneys to provide tax credit filing and settlement services.
Over the years, we have worked with a wide range of clients including individuals, entrepreneurs, managers, and independent professionals to provide tax assistance and settlement services.
We ensure that our clients get the right solution for their specific tax compliance issues. Our goal is not only to solve current tax return issues but also to provide a comprehensive compliance solution.
We ensure our clients are competent and current by utilizing our expertise in current tax laws for federal and international tax compliance requirements.

What is the difference between Legal Tax Protection?

We don’t just focus on short-term tax rulings but offer a comprehensive approach to our clients using our extensive knowledge of tax laws.
We strive to continually improve our knowledge and apply to the unique challenges our clients face.
From the first letter to the IRS to the tax return, from advising you on preparing financial records to the tax filing process, we make sure you are right every time.

How Can Legal Tax Services Provide Better Tax Assistance Services?

A tax attorney can help you with a tax debt problem, and the best tax attorney will make sure it doesn’t happen again.
Legal Tax Defense is proud to offer tax and settlement services that benefit clients over the long term.
The IRS offers a wide range of tax and settlement services. We will carefully examine your situation and determine the best way to maximize your tax return.
Our tax preparation and assessment services include:

  • Payment Agreements and Payment Agreements
  • Prejudice Reduction and First Prejudice Cancellation
  • Issue-on-Decision (OIC)
  • The Right Issue
  • Prevent or Stop Chargebacks
  • Stop Paying
  • License Retention, Licensing, and Line Withdrawal
  • Business Registration, Bookkeeping, Payroll, Income Tax, and Estate Planning services.

How Can Legal Tax Protection Solve Tax Assessment Challenges?

The Tax Cuts Act provides an additional $80 billion to the IRS for tax collection and system reforms. A large portion of this money goes to hiring a tax professional.
This means that tax returns will be more difficult to enforce against the IRS in the years to come. This increases the risk of back tax issues.
As a professional tax attorney, Legal Tax Defense constantly studies the changing tax law framework. We ensure that our clients participate in the tax assessment process.
Our entire approach follows the pattern of:

  • Free consultation with our client to fully understand and evaluate the case.
  • Start the first correspondence with the IRS and get a response.
  • Create a strategy to choose the best approach for tax relief/decision making.
  • Start the IRS representation for yourself and resolve the issue.
  • Create a strategy for our clients to start fresh.

Final Thoughts

Tax filing/decision programs are helpful resources for taxpayers. The IRS wants to resolve these tax and compliance issues as soon as possible. If you need the best tax attorney to maximize your tax return, call us for a free consultation today.

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