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When Russia invaded Ukraine on February 24, 2022, 35-year-old Evgen Vorobiov was working as a legal adviser in the city of Kyiv. As Moscow’s troops continued their blitzkrieg, leaving a trail of destruction in many cities, Vorobiov said he had given up his duty to protect his people, his homeland. to 4 million people.

Vorobiov, a law school graduate, started a fundraising campaign in June 2022 to prepare medical supplies, communication devices, mobile power stations, drones, tactical headsets, vehicles, sleeping bags, etc., to help the soldiers of his country in the war. Five months later, as the war rages on, Vorobiov and his team are raising money to support their troops. He says he also receives requests from Army officials for equipment.

When asked why he left the job, the 35-year-old said, “Law enforcement was important to me before the Russian invasion, but it became less important before Great threat is facing my country right now.”

In September, Russia announced the unification of four occupied regions of Ukraine: Donetsk, Luhansk, Kherson, and Zaporizhia, and intensified its attacks in recent weeks with airstrikes against Ukrainian cities, hundreds of people died.

The 35-year-old sees Russia’s massive invasion of Ukraine as a “massive attempt to destroy the Ukrainian people”. The Russian military has committed numerous acts of genocide—intentionally killing civilians, killing women, and destroying schools and museums that nurture Ukrainian culture, it said. he said.

“As a non-combatant, I was able to help the Ukrainian army to protect our country in the ways that I know best: collecting financial resources to buy good medical supplies and non-lethal technologies (such as communication devices and drones) to help. they do better,” he added.

Vorobiov and a group of his friends spent money from their own pockets before starting the fundraising campaign. They don’t use money for fuel, vehicle repairs, customs fees, and administrative expenses, and they use their own money to cover these costs.

Getting help

Vorobiov, who responded to CNN-News18’s questions via email, said he started his campaign when a group of his friends asked him to help him transport important medical supplies from the United States to Ukraine. “As the number of donations for our project increased, we also began to bring in other types of items needed by the military, such as mobile power stations and commercial drones,” he said. he said.

As time went on, Vorobiov said, he would get more help in the project from people from other partner countries: Poland, Lithuania, the United States, and Norway. “Some of them brought these things to me before, and some of them gave me these things, so that I could give them to the Ukrainian soldiers and my group,” he added. .

Vorobiov said that the main purpose of their mission is to buy and deliver goods to save the lives of Ukrainian defenders. “The main focus of our work is medical supplies: life-saving equipment (such as travel and flight control equipment) fighting medicine on the front lines to save Ukrainian soldiers. That’s why our project was called ‘Protecting Ukrainian Defenders’,” he said. His campaign has raised more than $90,000.

Next plan

Vorobiov said that his main goal is to ensure that Ukrainian soldiers have access to medical supplies and technical equipment so that they can stay on the front line. “I don’t have a final number of all the gifts I want to fulfill. I plan to raise money for the Ukrainian army as it is asking for these items from our Ukrainian soldiers – maybe Ukraine will win this war,” he added.

When asked how the Ukrainian military is doing in his war, the 35-year-old said they appreciate this help. “It is important for them not only to get the equipment they need in their work but also to feel the moral support of the Ukrainian civil society and our international partners. every time we come to bring them supplies, we receive a warm welcome and many words of thanks. They feel this support is important in their strong defense against attacks Russia,” he said.

“We don’t buy the equipment we sell, we send it to the army for free. I’m very happy that the army uses the equipment we donated,” he said.

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