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Daniel Snyder can’t sell the Commanders right away.

In a week when Snyder was temporarily swept as the league’s most shameless owner by his sudden nemesis, Colts owner Jim Irsey, Snyder reminded everyone that the “dis” was disabled. The shooting of running back Brian Robinson commanders as a shield against outside scrutiny.

After D.C. Attorney General Carl Racine announced Wednesday that he would make a “major announcement” Thursday, Cmdr issued a characteristically combative statement.

“Three months ago, a 23-year-old player on our team was shot multiple times in broad daylight,” the commanders said. “Despite violent crime spiraling out of control in DC, Washington commanders learned for the first time on Twitter today that the DC Attorney General will hold a press conference to make ‘a major announcement’ related to the organization.”

But why call for Brian Robinson’s shooting? What does it prove? The crime against Robinson is irrelevant to any crimes the commanders may have committed.

Consider the ridiculous nature of that argument. Essentially, commanders are reluctant to be investigated and prosecuted because one of the team’s employees, in a completely unrelated incident, was shot in the same jurisdiction.

The team’s statement also included more relevant comments on the topic.

“Commanders have cooperated fully with the AG’s investigation for nearly a year,” the commanders said. “As of Monday, a lawyer for the team met with the AG, who at the time did not suggest that he intended to take any action, and in fact, revealed fundamental misunderstandings of the underlying facts. Unfortunately, in his last days in office Mr. Who shot one of our players.

Racine can try to do both. He is responsible for all criminal activities within the District of Columbia, whether street crimes or white-collar violations.

Here is the deeper problem with the commanders statement. Like many self-serving press releases, the two-paragraph attack on Race was aimed at Snyder’s base of fans and supporters. The only problem with that approach is that he has no fans or supporters.

So, the best approach at this point would be to: (1) keep your head down; (2) close your mouth; and (3) above all, sell the team.


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