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DOTAN, Ala. (WTVY) – Dothan Police Chief Will Benney says several people are in custody following a shooting early Saturday morning during the National Peanut Festival Parade.

“There are several people we’re talking to right now, and we hope to release more information later,” Benny said. “We’re processing a lot of information right now.”

The shooting happened at the intersection of Main Street and Montana Street as the National Peanut Festival was wrapping up.

A video of the shooting can be seen on several social media sites. It is reported that an argument led to the shooting.

News 4 wrapped coverage of the parade as multiple Dothan police vehicles raced their way to the scene. The police department’s helicopter was also used for the parade and immediately offered assistance at the crime scene.

Our news director and weekend anchor shares what he saw at the Saturday morning shooting.

Multiple agencies, including the Houston County Sheriff’s Office and the Houston County EMA, offered to assist after the shots were fired.

“It was terrible,” said a man on a float in the area when it happened. “We weren’t sure what was going on and were told there was a shooting and we should take cover.”

In another incident, a medical emergency occurred around the same time at the Main Street McDonald’s. Moments later, the vehicle overturned on Saunders Road.

This is not the first fatal shooting in the city this week.

Police responded to Miles Lane after receiving a 9-1-1 call and found the body of a fatally shot man on Dothan Street late Wednesday.

Multiple law enforcement sources identified the victim as Samuel Jeffrey Gray, a 36-year-old man whose court records show he lived in the neighborhood where the recent shooting occurred.

According to a statement from Dothan police, the victim had a gunshot wound to the upper body. The body has been sent to Alabama Forensic Sciences, where a forensic examination will be conducted.

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