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Guwahati: folk artists from Assam and Arunachal Pradesh attracted the audience during the NHPCit is 48th Raising Day celebration at Subansiri Lower Project site in Gerukamukh.

A traditional troupe from Bordoloni, a village near the project, presented a beautiful Bihu dance while women from Kolaptukar village enthralled the audience with traditional Galo dance. The performances were greatly appreciated by all the guests and other viewers alike, NHPC said in a statement.

Before that, 48th The NHPC Development Day celebration at Subansiri Lower HE Project started with the opening of Fete and Food stalls by Shri Vipin Gupta, Executive Director of the Project in the presence of Seema Gupta, president of NHPC Ladies Club and other Senior Officers of the Company, she added. .

The executive director of this project, Vipin Gupta, who also spoke on the occasion, greeted all the employees, their families and everyone associated with this project.

He asked everyone to stand by him so that this noble project can be implemented as intended.

This year’s celebration of the Subansiri Lower HE Project has a special significance because this project was recently awarded the Best Building Project 2021-22 and its team was also awarded the Exemplary Commitment Award for Organizational Strength and New & Renewal by the Minister Energy RK Singh.

The celebration witnessed performances by the employees and their family members, school children as well as the Dibrugarh music and cultural group.

The event was also attended by guests from all the contractors involved in the project, guests from CISF, Kendriya Vidhyalaya, Vivekanada Kendra Vidhyalaya and also other residents of the project city.


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