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After the settlement last month, Alec Baldwin filed a lawsuit over the shooting on the film set

All the accused in the case denied the crime. (file)

Los Angeles:

American actor Alec Baldwin has filed a lawsuit against four people involved in the western movie “Rust,” saying they were negligent in giving him the gun that discharged after killing the film’s cameraman.

The death of Halina Hutchins on October 21, 2021 shocked Hollywood and sparked a series of civil suits.

Baldwin, 64, is suing the film’s costumer and props assistant, Hannah Gutierrez-Reid; Assistant Director David Halls; props master Sarah Zachry; Seth Kenny, who supplied guns and ammunition to the film set, also filed a lawsuit Friday in a Los Angeles court.

Baldwin’s complaint follows a lawsuit filed last year against him and others on set by script supervisor Mamie Mitchell for causing her great emotional distress following her role in the shooting.

In his suit, Baldwin alleges that Gutierrez-Reid failed to check the safety of a Colt revolver he used in rehearsals. The suit says Halls failed to inspect the weapon before handing it over to Baldwin, declaring it safe, and Zachary failed to ensure the weapons used on the New Mexico set were safe.

All the accused in the case denied the crime.

The gun Baldwin was carrying during the rehearsal — meant to load only blanks — instead discharged a live round, wounding Hutchins, 42, and director Joel Souza.

Baldwin reached a civil settlement with Hutchins’ family last month, the details of which were not disclosed. A judge has yet to approve the settlement.

Baldwin, the producer and star of “Rust,” previously said he did not pull the trigger, though an FBI report determined the gun would not have gone off.

Filmmakers said production on the film will resume in January, with Hutchins’ husband Matthew Hutchins taking on the role of executive producer.

“I don’t want to engage in recriminations or recriminations,” Hutchins said in an earlier statement. “We all believe Halina’s death was a horrible accident.”

Investigators in New Mexico have not filed any criminal charges, but have not ruled them out.

In August, Baldwin said he did not believe he would be charged.

While there is no doubt that Baldwin had the gun in his hand when it went off, it is unclear how it was loaded with a live round.

Gutierrez-Reid sued the film’s ammunition supplier for allegedly leaving real bullets among the dummy cartridges.

The incident led to calls in Hollywood for a permanent ban on guns on sets.

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