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I was woken again at 4 a.m. by a low vibrating noise coming from an outdoor planer operated by Zip-O-Laminators near west Eugene’s Four Corners. More than 100 people, as far as four miles north, have experienced this sleep-disturbing noise on early weekday mornings for more than two years. Many hours of running and exhaustion.

There is a hole in Eugene’s noise code. The maximum noise level of the compressor was measured at 20 decibels above background levels, but the old signals were measured in dBA and did not measure low noise. Of course, this is a problem for many people.

Life and business are important to Eugene’s health, but who runs a business that doesn’t care about the health of its neighbors? They promised it would stop, but it’s still going on. They could have moved the plan in, and they could have moved four hours later, but they didn’t do it, because it wasn’t necessary. The noise code is more difficult for citizens than for businesses; this needs to be changed.

Eugene City Council has a council meeting on November 21st to discuss this. Please show up or email them at [email protected] and ask them to fix the city’s noise code and let the residents sleep.

Dharmika J. Henschel



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