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But what is legal and what is not?

When the polls are open, people may try to influence a person’s vote until it is cast.

Wearing political clothes while voting is one thing. Going to the polls to support one candidate or another position.

If someone is going to do these things, there are rules to follow.

Freedom of speech does not end on Election Day. This means that people are free to wear political clothes when they go to the polls.

“Electoral officials are not trained to kick someone out of the election because they are wearing a T-shirt that is campaigning or advocates for a position or a candidate,” Erran Huber, spokesman for the Board. of Votes said. “We want everyone to have a chance to vote.”

Huber said the Board of Elections is more concerned about everyone getting a chance to vote, rather than what people are wearing.

However, not everything is fair game.

Voting, campaigning for a position or candidate, is not allowed at the polling stations.

“If you’re trying to get that vote, that talk about that candidate, you’re far from the polls,” Huber said.

You must stay 100 feet away from the entrance of the polling place. It means the distance to the sidewalk.

“You can make your points, cheer for your candidates, and do whatever political talk you want,” Huber said. “But when you move within 100 feet of the entrance to the polling place, that’s when we start getting into the voting process.”

On Tuesday, the FBI issued a warning about voter suppression, which misleads eligible voters into not voting.

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This means spreading misinformation about the time, method or location of the election. The FBI said to report it if anyone saw it happen.

The Kentucky Attorney General’s Office has a hotline for people to report potential voter fraud. That number is 1 (800) 328-POTI (8683).

There have been 73 complaints before the election, 14 of which occurred outside of Jefferson County, the most in the state.

“Jefferson County is the largest county, by definition, by population, where we get the most concerns,” Huber said. “Everything that has been brought to our attention has been resolved and addressed quickly.”

Huber said they expect a smooth voting experience on Sunday.


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