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This 3-lawyer has comprehensive expertise in serving the needs of community members in Metro Vancouver

Divorce proceedings are often fraught with emotional turmoil as important issues such as separation and divorce proceedings, child custody, child support, and spousal support must be addressed. and dividing the property.

Professional advice is always useful, but in emergency situations, the ability to rely on the support of someone who knows you and your situation is even more important.

People who seek legal counsel may face difficult challenges, for example, when they are dealing with a divorce. To fully understand the circumstances of his clients, George Lee, founding member of George Lee Law Corp., relies on “communication skills, people skills, professional expertise and experience, and a commitment to helping them to achieve good results.”

In a community where more than one-third of residents are Chinese, understanding their language and culture is important, Lee said. “If a client wants to talk to a lawyer, it’s important that there is no language barrier. Fluency in Mandarin and Cantonese is a plus as well as cultural and psychological awareness.

In many cases, consumers wait to seek legal advice until they reach “the point of frustration,” he said. “Culturally, people don’t want to hire a lawyer until the last minute. This delay makes finding solutions more difficult, especially when so much has been said and done.

In addition to his qualifications as a lawyer, Lee is a life coach and divorce coach. “I spent almost ten years studying psychology, family dynamics and personal development. I help understand what my clients are doing on a personal level – and guide them on how they can advance themselves,” he says. “Many people who come to me because beyond legal services, they are looking for advice and emotional support.”

However emotional turmoil is far from the only guarantee that adds complexity to divorce cases, especially given the strong social ties in China, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Korea.

“When personal or business residences are located outside of Canada and spouses are receiving income abroad, obtaining property valuations, business appraisals or real estate information can be difficult. from these places,” said Lee. “That means we need to understand the laws that apply to these jurisdictions – and seek cooperation and assistance from attorneys who understand local laws and regulations.”

Also, knowing the language and culture can be very helpful, Lee said. “We have a lot of experience in cases involving different regions and different cultures.”

George Lee Law’s legal services extend beyond family law to “all areas of law,” including immigration law, real estate, criminal law, civil litigation, buying and selling business, and legalization, he said. “This broad spectrum allows us to understand the customer’s situation.”

It’s no surprise that the range of skills and talents has earned the firm a reputation for excellence and consistency among BC lawyers. lists George Lee Law in the Top 10 for Family Law, and lists Lee in the top 3 for Immigration Lawyers, Divroce Lawyers, and Immigration Lawyers in Burnaby.

“We have a reputation,” says Lee. “We serve our clients in the community and are committed to professional and ethical standards, and we pay fair wages.”


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