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New Delhi, November 12

Chief Justice of India DY Chandrachud on Saturday said the constitution of the legal profession was “feudal, patriarchal and not accommodating of women” and there was a need for a democratic and meritocracy system for women’s participation. and small sections of society.

Justice Chandrachud, who presided over the CJI on Wednesday, said that there are many challenges before the judiciary and the first among them is hope because social and legal issues and the many political issues came within the jurisdiction of the Supreme Court.

‘It doesn’t suit women’

  • It says that the structure of industry throughout India is feudal and excludes women
  • It wants to have the work done by the high courts and district judges

“The constitution of the legal profession till today across India is feudal, patriarchal and does not include women,” the CJI, known for expressing honest opinions, said in a event.

“So, when we talk about more women in the judiciary, it is just as right for us to lay building blocks for the future by giving women opportunities now. The first step is to get into the lawyers’ chambers, which is a boys’ club,” he said.

The danger of opacity

One of the greatest evils in constitutional democracy is the evil of opacity. When you open your process, you generate a sign of accountability. —CJI DY Chandrachud

“How can you join the chambers by clicking on these links? Until we have democratic and merit-based access to the legal profession, there won’t be many more women, there will not be more people from the marginalized sections,” he said.

He said that live streaming of court proceedings is a new test to see what technology can do to change the legal system and said that proceedings of high courts and district judges should be broadcasted live.

“One of the biggest problems in a constitutional democracy is the danger of opacity. When you open up your work, you produce a degree of accountability, transparency and consideration of the needs of the people country,” he said.

“When I talk about live streaming, I’m not talking about live streaming on big ticket cases. We have to live the proceedings of the high courts and district judges because it’s the interface of the citizen. first and foremost to the district judges,” the CJI said.

On the issue of comparison between the Indian Supreme Court and the US Supreme Court, CJI Chandrachud said that it is important that the high court here should not be compared with other developed countries because “it is a structure India is unique for our industry.”

“Compared to the United States Supreme Court, which hears a total of over 180 cases per year, or the British Supreme Court, which hears 85 cases per year, we have a Court Supreme Court where all the Justices are hearing about 75 to 80 cases on Monday. and Friday, and 30 to 40 cases on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. That way you can do what the Supreme Court is doing,” the CJI said.

“So, the question is whether a Judge should work in a country that has spent a lot of money on small cases like pension and maintenance. My answer is yes because that is what the SC does,” he said. .

The CJI said judges are often considered old because they wear black and beautified clothes.

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