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The Virginia Department of Corrections (VADOC) actively regulates access to legal documents issued by attorneys, courts, and other judicial entities. As part of our ongoing efforts to prevent the introduction of contraband into facilities and to protect the inmates in our custody, we will continue to make changes to our mail procedures to maintain security. of all prisoners, staff, and the general public. See more details in the 803.1 Management Guide.

Where to send legal letters

Attorneys, courts, or court entities serving legal letters to an inmate or CCAP supervisor should send the letter to VADOC’s Centralized Mail Distribution Center at the following mailing address:

VADOC Centralized Mail Distribution Center
Inmate Name, Inmate #
3521 Woods Way
State Farm, Virginia 23160

For courts and court entities, all envelopes containing legal correspondence must contain the full return address of the court or court entity. For attorneys, all envelopes containing legal correspondence must include a complete return address and the name of the law office and address.

How We Process and Send Legal Notices

All legal mail is scanned in real-time and inspected by trained VADOC staff for the detection of hazardous substances. Upon completion of the inspection process, unless there are extenuating circumstances, all mail will be shipped via USPS Priority Express mail services within one business day of receipt.

Legal letters requiring civil service for an inmate must be sent to the facility where the inmate resides, and forwarded immediately to the facility’s authority. Home addresses can be found using the installation directory.


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