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Polish President Andrzej Duda expressed his understanding of the crisis in Ukraine after visiting the regional village of Przewodow, where the missile landed on Sunday.

“It’s a very difficult situation for them, they have a lot of emotions and a lot of stress,” Duda said.

According to initial investigations, the rocket that killed the two people may have been fired by the Ukrainian air defense system in response to Russian airstrikes.

However, Duda said Ukrainian officials must follow international law if they want to participate in the investigation.

“If the Ukrainian visitors want to see the operation of the investigation, we can show them what was shown to me, but for getting into it, we will get into Their documents and information must have a legal basis, including international laws and agreements,” he said.

“The search is expected to last twelve hours, as investigators and experts continue to remove bullet fragments and collect evidence from the scene of the accident.

“So far, no evidence of a second missile has been found in Polish territory.

“As I said, we know very well – and all the signs point to a very serious and serious accident,” he added.

The villagers expressed their shock

At that time, there has been a panic among the people of the village after the experts found that the rocket “most likely” is a missile made by Russia, which returned to Ukraine’s membership in the Soviet Union.

“I’m scared. I didn’t sleep all night,” resident Joanna Magus said. “I hope it’s a stray shot.

Reflecting on Tuesday’s shooting, Magus said, “At first I heard a terrible explosion, so I ran to the window, and I saw a big black fireball going up to the sky above the place and then there was white smoke. Then the smoke started to slowly descend. Later I saw people running and I knew for sure that something bad had happened.”

The director of the local school, Ewa Byra, told reporters that one of the victims was the husband of the school cleaner, while the other was the father of a former student.

“We never thought of this kind of event even if accidents happen, especially when the war happens six kilometers away from our home. This accident happens all the time,” he said.

Poland, a member of NATO, is protected by the commitment to collective defense – enshrined in Article 5 of its ratification treaty – but, its response to this attack will be influenced by the end of investigating whether the killing was accidental or deliberate.

The US and NATO are backing Warsaw’s claims that it could be a disaster.

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