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The digital asset management platform shares passwords, ‘crypto will’ and protects the digital lives of customers

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NEW YORK, Nov. 01, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — With $140 billion in cryptocurrency trapped in inaccessible storage, the need for better digital asset management it was more obvious then. Legacy Suite, the industry leader in digital asset protection, has announced the release of the Legal and Digital Suite, solutions designed to protect assets such as cryptocurrencies, NFTs, and legal advice, and ensure proper and safe sharing in case of death. or sudden.

“Most internet users’ lives have become more digitally focused in just the past few years,” said Gordon Bell, founder and president of Legacy Suite. “With the advent of cryptocurrencies and NFTs, people are using crypto wallets and blockchain technology to store and manage their digital assets. They are also creating more legal advice to ensure that protect all types of assets. We created the Digital Suite and Legal Suite to give them peace of mind.”

Citing research by blockchain analysis company Chainalysis, the New York Times reported that 20% of the total 18.5 million Bitcoins, worth $140 billion, were lost or stranded in crypto wallets. Thousands of people have lost access to their cryptocurrencies, NFTs, and other assets due to digital governance problems, which has plagued crypto investing since its inception.

Legacy Suite’s Legal and Digital Suite allows clients to plan the transfer of such assets directly or share private keys to protect them through blockchain technology. Through its cloud-based platform, Legacy Suite revolutionizes the traditional estate planning process with its vast portfolio of crypto, NFTs, and other digital assets in a secure, personalized, and private space.

The Legacy Suite platform makes it easy for users to protect important information about real estate and financial assets, social media accounts, email accounts, phones and computers, domain names, devices, subscriptions, and customer accounts. The Legacy Suite is designed for use with a partner or spouse, to protect family assets.

Legacy Suite’s Digital Suite product allows customers to manage, create, and share data, digital mailboxes, and passwords. Users can use the forum to store files and share them individually with digital receivers and trusted contacts.

The Legal Suite product can create digital advisories for cryptocurrencies, NFTs, social projects, healthcare projects, and power of attorney documents. A library is also included in the Legal Suite line that can be used to organize and manage that document.

Keeping those assets in a separate location makes it easy to share passwords and strategically distribute sensitive information. The Legacy Suite allows inheritors to know the entire digital portfolio, such as whether it belongs to the original user, where certain assets are located, and how to access them in the event of the original user’s death. , or become weak.

Legacy Suite products use blockchain technology to protect those assets. It uses security encryptions using AES 256-bit encryption instead of 128-bit and 192-bit to create the closest level of security. Such secure storage, along with the ability to reliably control shared access, ensures that assets are never lost or lost.

Products that use the LegacyPass™️ password manager, a unique power and use of innovative blockchain technology to encrypt and decrypt information using the Hybrid encryption scheme to share passwords and signs to loved ones.

In addition, the Legacy Suite team is still thinking and building and planning to add more features for future generations of the platform, providing premium services at a value price.

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