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Former President Donald Trump’s comments at a weekend briefing about the FBI raid at Mar-a-Lago could be “admissible evidence” in court, it said. legal experts.

Trump lashed out at the FBI at a rally in Miami on Tuesday over the “high-profile raid on Mar-a-Lago,” which he called a “hoax document case.”

Trump said the court-approved search “violated my Fourth Amendment rights” and was “something that has never been done to another president.”

“No other president has done this,” he said. “Presidents leave, take things, take documents, read them.

Trump has repeatedly said that former presidents have “taken” documents from them after they left office. The National Archives and Records Administration issued a statement refuting his claim last month, explaining that the National Archives maintains all presidential records and “moves those records to temporary locations” before moving to presidential libraries. Claims that “indicate or imply that such Presidential records are held by former Presidents or their representatives after they have left office … are false and misleading,” the story.

Legal experts said Trump’s comments were likely to be a violation of the law.

“This is Trump admitting to removing classified documents when he left the White House,” the government watchdog group Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington said on Twitter.

Attorney George Conway said the information is possible “Admissible evidence,” It’s supposed to be a drinking game every time “he is saying something against himself” at an event.

“Speak on. Confess on,” wrote National security attorney Bradley Moss is a Trump critic.

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Legal experts also cited a statement from Trump at a rally in Pennsylvania on Saturday.

“All the presidents get their documents. Only me. I can’t get documents,” Trump complained during a rally in Latrobe before falsely accusing other presidents of keeping their documents in safe places.

“Did Trump just agree to take classified documents he shouldn’t have?” CREW said on Twitter.

Conway responded to the video of Trump’s comments by posting a photo of the Miranda rights, which indicate “you have the right to remain silent.”

Trump said that former President George HW Bush “took millions of documents to… a bowling alley/Chinese restaurant” without security and the front door was broken” and said that Bill Clinton “took million documents from the White House to a previous one. Car Dealers in Arkansas.”

“All of these Trump claims are false,” CNN investigative reporter Daniel Dale wrote last month, citing a National Archives statement that said the agency “quietly moved these records to other locations.” short leased by NARA from the General Services Administration near the site of the future Presidential Libraries built by former Presidents for NARA.”

“All of these short-term sites met strict safety and security standards and were staffed only by NARA personnel,” the agency said.

Dale said “there is no similarity between the Trump administration’s handling of presidential documents and those of the past.”

“In other cases, the president’s documents are at NARA’s disposal and treated with care and professionalism,” he wrote. “In Trump’s case, the presidential documents found in emergency storage at Mar-a-Lago belong to Trump himself, despite repeated attempts by NARA and the Justice Department to retrieve them.”

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