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The Legal Aid Society (LAS) organized a two-day organizer training program on Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) at a local hotel. Speakers from Sanghar, Dadu and Shaheed Benazirabad districts were given special training. ADR is a method of resolving disputes without litigation. ADR integrates all the processes and methods of dispute resolution that occur without the authority of the government.

Mediation, Arbitration, Conciliation, Negotiation and Negotiation are considered to be the most popular ADR tools. Legal Aid Society has been working on Dispute Resolution for the past four years to improve the provision and application of ADR in the eight districts of Sindh and to allow ordinary citizens to file their grievances before ADR meetings.

Speaking to the media, Abbas Ali, the director of the ADR program of LAS, said that they are establishing a sustainable system through which communities can reach out to the appropriate ADR providers for a quick resolution. and their legal interests are effective.

“LAS has trained 192 ADR facilitators in eight districts of Sindh. The largest Community ADR Network (CAN) consists of sixty-four organized groups of ADR facilitators. Now the ADR facilitators are ready to learn community members who are involved or interested in community service on a voluntary basis.

LAS has also organized a group of Salis members who have been trained in all the districts of Sindh in the past,” said Abbas. Sharing their different views, the parliamentarians said they are now ready to identify and refer cases to ADR procedures, including Offices of the Ombudsman.

“In their communities, they organize ‘legal clinics’ in collaboration with LAS field groups to raise awareness about ADR,” they said. Angbeen Mirza and Maham Shahzad attended the two-day ADR session as consultants. The two trainers through various online forums trained all the moderators in an authoritative manner.

Members of the LAS team, including Danish Soomro, Sonia Arain, Zohaib Shaikh, HoushMangi, Benazir and others, also contributed to the success of the project.


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