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By Michael Boyd, jr.


When Ste. Genevieve County residents voted “no” to Amendment 3, while the rest of the Show-Me State said “yes” to legalizing marijuana, and the measure passed Tuesday (Nov. 8). according to unofficial results from the 2022 elections.

Missouri is now one of 21 states, along with Washington, DC, in the last 10 years to legalize weed. for adults 21 years and older and taxing the drug.

Colorado and Washington are the first because both states approved their work in 2012.

Currently 13 states five around Missouri they are all repealed and remain illegal under federal law.

Ste. Genevieve County saw 6,576 residents vote for the constitutional amendment, with 3,688 (56.08%) voting no, while 2,888 (43.92%) said yes.

However, Missouri voted 53.1% in favor and 46.9% against, so it passed.

That was helped by the St. Louis area. Louis, where the city was 73% to 27%, and its three districts. North, South and West combined to pass the vote 59% to 41%.

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Missouri is also one of five states with a reason to entertain Sunday’s elections. Maryland passed the authorization, but Arkansas and the Dakotas did not, but all three allow it to be used for medicinal purposes.

Previously, in 2018 Missouri voters passed a different amendment to legalize the use of marijuana for medical purposes only.

For Missouri, that means adults under the age of 21 can go to their local dispensary to buy recreational pot whether it’s a joint, gum, vape or any other type of drug.

Do NOT rush

Missourians will have to wait as the amendment goes into effect before Dec. 8, giving or taking a few days, and they still won’t be able to legally buy marijuana until Congress. -February 6 at the beginning.

That’s because the state of Missouri has to approve licenses for businesses to sell in advance, so the tax department.


However, a big benefit is expected for state businesses, especially from the Missouri border states of Kentucky, Tennessee, Iowa, Nebraska and Kansas where marijuana is currently banned.

Residents of each of those countries can cross into the Show-Me country to buy the drug legally.

If there are border countries where recreational drugs are legal, they may have traveled to those countries to buy them.


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