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The Legal Aid Society (NYC) honored Goodwin attorneys and GO! Members of the group and its Pro Bono Publico Award for a new business venture – the Business Law Workshop series for Cannabis Entrepreneurs. The Pro Bono Publico Awards recognize individuals and law firms for their outstanding achievements in pro bono services.

Goodwin’s Neighborhood Business Initiative, a pro bono initiative that brings business-related legal services to the front doors of entrepreneurs and small business owners, partnered with the Legal Community Development Program Aid Society to conduct Business Law workshop programs for Cannabis Entrepreneurs. . The six-part series is designed to increase the economic and financial aspects of the Marijuana Regulation and Taxation Act by eliminating the legal and regulatory bases involved in launching a drug business in New York. York, and sending this information to businessmen does not work. access to legal services due to cost limitations or other barriers.

The first five sessions focused on small business fundraising, fundraising, enterprise development, contracts, and intellectual property. The sixth and final workshop will take advantage of Goodwin’s leading Cannabis expertise by focusing on regulatory considerations, which will be implemented when additional regulations are introduced. So far, about 50 small business owners have participated in the live workshop series, and the sessions are saved online to keep the impact going.

The Goodwin group that sponsored the workshop series included: Ted Ames, Ava Bordonaro, Rebecca Broches, George Davis, Josh Eisenson, Michael Fahner, Jennifer Fisher, Chris Grobel, Ariana Harris, Sona Karakashian, Maana Katz, Andrew Kimball, Lisa Koo, Tina Larson, James Lathrop, Peter LaVigne, Jason Lawrence, David LiGenna Lukshus, Simone Otenaike, Shawn Peng, Artem Skorostensky, Vanessa Torres, Samuel Weiss, a Jason Yeoun.

The team was honored by the Legal Aid Society in New York on October 25, 2022.


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