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MLB Legend Pete Rose to place OH’s first sports bet at Hard Rock Casino Cincy

MLB legend Pete Rose will hit after the 2022 New Year’s clock has dropped to zero as of midnight on January 1, 2023, Hard Rock Casino Cincy will be open for gambling business legal sport and Charlie Hustle takes over. place the first bet.

It’s fitting that thanks to one of baseball’s legends, Rose is the former Cincinnati Reds pitcher/manager/manager who still holds the MLB records for hits (4,256), games played (3,562 ), bats (14,053), individually. (3,215), and bats (14,053), a symbol of Ohio’s continued excitement.

As famous for his sports betting as he was for his baseball skills, on August 24, 1989, Rose agreed to a permanent ban following a Major League Baseball investigation. It was decided that he would bet on the Cincinnati Reds to win while managing the team, which would be an MLB offense. most are unforgivable.

That black mark on Rose still sings his name, the 81-year-old baseball legend who will be inducted into the MLB Hall of Fame is still looking for some level of redemption, all part of the which led to Ohio’s legal sports betting launch. very strong.

The first official bet will take place at 12:01 on January 1 at the Hard Rock Casino Cincinnati and is likely to be packed with fans of the former MVP and Gold Glover, an exciting event to start the happy Ohio (hopefully making money. ) new project.

For what seemed like forever, American gamblers had to go to Vegas or Atlantic City to place their sports bets, but in May 2018 the US Supreme Court overturned PASPA and gave all states the right to the choice to authorize, regulate and tax the market itself.

Since then, more than thirty states have done so and launched their own legal sports markets, some with mobile or retail options available, most with both, and now Ohio will step in and (legally) launch their own legal market. on the first of January 2023.

What Ohio legislators knew was that the state’s sports bettors were placing bets in the past, which in the past were those who couldn’t afford to go to Vegas, or Jersey, were able to use outside sports books to manage their activities.

Of course, since states have been allowed to authorize their own markets like this, many of Ohio’s closest neighbors, including Indiana, Michigan, West Virginia, and Pennsylvania, have all gotten in on the fun as well. applicants from Ohio who live near the border are the best. advantage of that.

But all that money flowed out of the state.

The American Sportswear Market is now a multi-billion dollar Industry and growing

Over four years, the US legal sports betting industry has generated a $160 billion stake, with nearly $12 billion in sportsbook revenue for operators paid to states for $1.9 billion in tax revenue. return it to each country. .

Now, starting in January, Ohio lawmakers will stop efforts to stem the outflow of black-market sports betting money by restoring the law to the point where He’s the biggest advantage to the Buckeye State.

That work is ongoing, so check back for all the latest news and updates.


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