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One of the lasting effects of the pandemic is the hybrid work model – a work model that combines both remote work and occasional in-office work. For many businesses, implementing hybrid work arrangements can be difficult. One of the biggest challenges cited by legal leaders in the hybrid role is how to consistently lead, provide feedback, and build the relationships that suddenly emerge when the all. Legal leaders should promote a sense of community among members when they are scattered across the country. Being a leader means that you want to connect with others, feel like you belong to a group that means something to you, and build strong relationships. Norway The great psychological need for lawyers has been identified as one of the three leaders of a lawyer’s life and motivation. It is very important that new professionals feel empowered quickly.

A good first step is to think about the goal of the interaction and the type of information to be discussed so that you can choose the channel that will best manage the relationship. Communication experts call these channels rich vs. lean media. Rich media includes social and collaboration tools, video, and face-to-face interactions that are used for discussions that require communication or when team members need to talk with interpret the information included in the agreement. Text, e-mail, and text are the most common forms of communication, and there are many useful methods of communication when it is necessary to send new information from one person to another (for example, to inform someone that the time has changed meet at 10:00am). Phones fall somewhere between the rich and the poor.

This list will help you think of specific strategies to help grow hybrid teams:

  • A group of general instructions It was recently reported that these strategies helped new hires build strong relationships: Allow new lawyers to shadow senior colleagues in meetings; organized meetings with key partners across the company, which also helped lawyers appreciate the company’s overall culture; schedule extra time in 1:1 meetings to discuss non-work topics; and organize virtual coffee chats to celebrate personal and professional victories, ask questions, and seek feedback on legal issues handled by lawyers.
  • Organize 1:1 sessions to provide feedback, advice and check in, and consider the best media (rich and thin) for the discussion.
  • Use the “magic answer” whenever you can. High-functioning legal teams, whose mission is to solve complex problems together. To be effective, feedback is necessary. In one study, a group of psychologists asked a group of students to write an essay. Teachers give different kinds of information. One type of feedback that praised the students’ work and effort was called a “magic response,” with this simple phrase: “I’m giving you this information because I have high expectations, and I know you can fulfill them.” This word strength because it shows signs of belonging: You belong to this group; this group is special – there is a high standard here; and I believe you can live up to those standards.
  • Be grateful for your “must” – the extra step is to describe the behaviors you’ve seen that led to the positive result (for example, like, “Your structure looks good on the first page of that story short – I see our position. and that’s why I prefer to say to our customer” instead of “thank you”)
  • Provide greater responsibility to other junior attorneys for tasks that are visible and relevant to the organization; give them opportunities to lead, develop new programs or training, and speak or write about law enforcement
  • Create unstructured time so team members can talk about non-work related topics to get to know each other.
  • Ask remote participants to talk first about calls so they don’t get ignored or left out.
  • Remember the conference room “side stories.” Remote participants can feel disconnected when they get on the phone and see a lot of people jostling for a chat.
  • “Fill the bleachers” – the ease with which people can join a remote meeting provides a free opportunity for visual learning. Prepare some “rubber seat” at large events or gatherings for friends and others who want to watch and learn more.

The pandemic has changed the way lawyers and legal professionals want to work. Hybrid integration is the hope of many professionals – a model (and skill set) that legal leaders and teams must embrace to maintain leadership skills.

Paula Davis He is the CEO of the Stress and Resilience Institute and is the author of Beating Burnout at Work: Why Teams Hold the Secret to Life and Well-Being.


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