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When UConn School of Law colleagues Anne Rajotte and Jessica Rubin were approached about writing the second edition of “Connecticut Legal Research,” they agreed but on the condition that they work together.

Rajotte, dean of research and education at the Thomas J. Meskill Law Library, and Rubin, associate dean for experiential education, bring a wealth of experience related to legal research to the book.

Connection“With ‘Connecticut Legal Research,’ Anne Rajotte and Jessica Rubin offer not only a comprehensive guide to Connecticut case law, statutes, and regulations for educators and law students, but a practical guide and the availability of research skills and writing strategies that each person uses. A lawyer can be useful,” said Richard Wilson, vice chancellor for faculty development.

“Connecticut Legal Research” is one of five new issues published in the Carolina Academic Press’ Legal Research Series this year. It is a complete update of the first edition of 2009. The goal of the book is to explain research skills and strategies as well as to provide advice on writing legislation and information with a focus on Connecticut practice. , including a chapter detailing the government’s role in the insurance industry.

Authors and publishers want access to legal models, para-administrators and experts. Rajotte and Rubin have experience fielding questions from students and attorneys inside and outside of UConn, practicing law themselves, and speaking to the public.

“We approached writing this book from the user’s perspective, thinking about what would be most useful and writing to explain that information,” said Rubin, a clinical professor and associate dean. “We thought about what skills and knowledge our students and teachers need and tried to deliver it in a user-friendly format.”

While managing the library’s research services, Rajotte received calls from other attorneys asking research questions. He also teaches advanced legal studies as an adjunct professor. These two exercises explained more about how to use the book.

He wanted to include information on researching Connecticut’s early laws. “That’s something I learned through experience,” Rajotte said. “There was no guide written anywhere that I knew of.”

Rajotte and Rubin have tried to strike a balance of breadth and depth of detail to be effective, rather than overly simplistic. They want anyone who uses this book to come away feeling that it helped them, whether it was doing a job, answering a customer’s question, or something else.

The publisher approached Rajotte and Rubin at the recommendation of Richard Michael Fischl, a UConn Law professor affiliated with Carolina Academic Press. The authors also thank their research assistant Marla Katz ’22 who helped make the book more student-friendly and graphically appealing.


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