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UPDATE: No wonder Greenlaw didn’t like his situation. He was in the locker room when the 49ers played in the second half. Since his firing, he has had some time on his hands and has taken to social media, posting the below message on his Instagram account.

UPDATE: NBC legal analyst Terry McAulay commented on the play early in the third quarter after speaking with NFL officials in New York. He said that Troy Vincent decided that Dre Greenlaw “lowered his head and hit the opponent’s head hard.” That’s the right kick, but McAulay admitted it’s difficult to justify the kick because it’s more about the physics of the situation where the defensive player can’t adjust to avoid being hit by the ball. fourth in that sense.

San Francisco 49ers quarterback Dre Greenlaw was fired from Week 10 Sunday Night Football after hitting Los Angeles Chargers quarterback Justin Herbert. Greenlaw was flagged for an unnecessary roughness and ejected from the game.

As the referees discussed the play with New York and made their decision, NBC legal analyst Terry McCaulay told Mike Tirico and Cris Collinsworth that this was not a punt play. . He decided on two grounds. First of all, Herbert is not a quarterback for this offense but he has become a running player, thus giving up the head and neck protection that the past few have received. The second is that he did not believe that Greenlaw was leading with his hat, but followed him with his shoulder.

NFL referees didn’t see it that way, and Greenlaw was ejected shortly before halftime. Herbert left the game after the play as the special investigator called for medical attention. During Herbert’s screening, QB Chase Daniel came in for three plays before trying to close it out in the second quarter.


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