The County Commission will direct Konvalinka to take legal action against the County Mayor if the Wamp-Taylor dispute is not resolved by noon Friday. | Media Pyro


Weston Wamp

Weston Wamp

The County Commission on Wednesday passed a resolution directing attorney John Konvalinka to take legal action against the county mayor if the Weston Wamp-Rheubin Taylor dispute is not settled at noon on Friday.

The meeting opened with a legal meeting between Konvalinka’s lawyer and the commissioners.

When they returned, Commissioner Warren Mackey said, “It’s not what the commission wants.”

A new resolution was later issued authorizing Konvalinka’s attorney “to take such action as may be necessary to enforce any resolution” the commission previously passed in favor of County Attorney Taylor. Mayor Wamp told the county attorney that he was fired long ago, but Taylor’s attorney stayed on as he claimed his four-year contract. That dispute has already reached the Chancery Court.

Commissioners expressed frustration at their last meeting that attorney Taylor’s computer and cell phone were not returned to him as they had ordered.

Commissioner David Sharpe sought to amend the resolution by saying legal fees would be deducted from the mayor’s council budget. No second to fix.


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