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Chümoukedima | October 31

The Chief Minister of Nagaland, Neiphiu Rio today informed that the State Government has started talks with the Government of India (GoI) and Assam to finalize the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) on exploration and production of oil in the disputed area. (DAB) in Nagaland – Assam border.

I started talking to the GoI and also brought up our Assam counterpart Dr Himanta Biswa Sarma about oil royalty sharing; he informed while speaking at the 1st North-East Geology and Mining Minister Conclave, here at Niathu Resort, Chümoukedima.

The current discussion sections are A, B, C, D, E and F of DAB. “We are hopeful that CM Assam will respond favorably to our request to include all departments in the Consensus,” Rio said.

“Once confidence in DAB is re-established, we should be able to proceed with exploration and production in the remaining part of the State, for which a bilateral MoU is being discussed with the GoI,” he added.

On his part, Assam CM Sarma, who also spoke at the Conclave, noted that oil is abundant in Nagaland.

“We all believe that the kitchen is in Nagaland and Assam got its share as the oil had to flow from the former to the latter,” attributing it to ‘mother’s kitchen’.

I very much hope and believe that the Government of Nagaland (GoN) can take decisions so that the valuable assets can be utilized for the citizens of the State and the country, he said.

Urgent decision is needed, Sarma hinted, as dependence on oil and resources will decrease significantly after 2035.
On the border, he informed the Assam Government that it has also given its best decision, although it has admitted that it has to balance various concerns.

But I am sure the way we have responded to the Nagaland government, at least a start can be made now, and the GoI will soon take a decision that will allow Nagaland for the first time to get oil rights after years of waiting. in line,” he added.

On the other hand, CM Rio insisted that ‘Nagaland is rich but still poor’ because of positive exploration and extraction of its rich resources.

Besides oil and natural gas, Nagaland has economically viable mineral resources of coal, limestone (cement and chemical grade), iron ore, magnetite and minor minerals especially sandstone distributed across all districts of the State. he said.

However, he said that several factors hinder the active participation of research and exploration agencies in the State.
Among them, he listed rugged terrain and remote areas with inadequate connectivity, land tenure systems and other logistical issues.

“We have also been crippled by prolonged instability in Naga political affairs,” he added.

Therefore, while the regional directorate of Geology & Mining has been engaged in very few exploration activities, due to the lack of modern machines and equipment, it is not able to take many mineral blocks, said Rio.

To this end, he urged the Ministry of the Union to pay special attention and help in improving and supporting the Departments of Geology and Minerals in the State to take full advantage of the new system. the arrangement made.

“They should use recognized exploration agencies, not only in the public sector but also in the private sector, to promote exploration activities,” and the Ministry of Mines of the European Union should consider increasing exploration funding, he said.

Rio has also informed that in the area of ​​production through the mineral auction, the state has identified several blocks and is considering amending the relevant State Rules pursuant to Article 371A of the Constitution of India to provide for the new auction, the system. and reformation.

He also urged the National Unity Government to assist in connecting the roads and developing the economic infrastructure necessary for the extraction of minerals, bearing in mind that these resources are a national priority, and the State Government is ‘critical’.

The CM also noted that despite extensive reforms in the country’s mining sector, the North-Eastern regions have yet to make a mark in the country’s mining auction system.

“We need to address the issues because we cannot continue to exploit our mineral resources on a war footing,” he added.

Rio, on the other hand, praised the Chairman & Convenor of the Conclave Dr R Lalthangliana, and the associate V Kashiho Sangtam, for their dedication in organizing and hosting the Conclave in Nagaland.

I am sure that this conference will open a new page in the history of mineral exploration and mineral development in NE India, he added, expressing hope that the deliberations of the Congress will lead to important political decisions, “Our mineral resources will not last. as the only possible resource but it will be the backbone of the economic growth and development of the region.


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