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Recently, I posted here an exclusive analysis of legal technology investments from 1984 to 2020, a video timeline showing the growing bar chart of investments in legal technology for nearly forty years.

Now I can only present another analysis of legal technical activities — this time of the issue in various sales or other activities from 2001 to October 25, 2022.

As usual, this analysis was compiled and created by Raymond Blijd, the founder of Legalcomplex.com, a company in the business of tracking investments and market data.

In this analysis of sales, Blijd found:

  • There are a total of 901 jobs, 892 are unique and 16 involve companies that have been acquired several times (such as Consilio and AbacusNext.
  • The total dollar value of the contracts is $59.1 billion.
  • The top three job categories, based on number of jobs, are e-discovery, project management and contract technology.
  • The top three areas in terms of dollar values ​​are e-discovery, intellectual property and taxation.
  • The average deal value is $65 million.
  • The average age of the company at exit was 11.9 years.

“This is our third analysis of the legal technology industry’s return on investment,” Blijd told me. “What’s really relevant here are the parallels between the popularity of e-discovery and contract technology. The traditional investments are intellectual property and taxation.

“However, if we look at the startup pipeline, we see small IP technologies. We are seeing a classy set of new features, It’s exciting to see what new products the startups will come back with value as the number increases.

For readers who want to delve deeper into this data, to get all the pieces, visit Blijd via his website. It’s his Spark Max custom dashboards provide new views with numbers and names, and display information in graphs, charts, and maps.


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