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Unwavering loyalty to a chosen political party is nothing new. The most obvious examples in the past 25 years have all been shown during presidential decisions.

First, a sitting president admitted under his perjury. The evidence on a blue dress forced him to take heart and change his story. The State of Arkansas decided to fine him and ban him from practicing law in their state. Later, he was overruled by the United States Supreme Court. All 100 members of the United States Senate served as jurors in the impeachment trial on charges of Perjury and Obstruction of Justice. Every Defendant in his political party voted Not Guilty on All Charges. They like it if he remains President, even if he has no legislative power.

Twenty years later, a president of the other political party was the target of the next two discrimination lawsuits. In both of these hearings, all members of the opposition party voted. When our person is accused, 100% Innocent, the other, 100% Guilty. In fairness to the other side, in all three impeachment hearings, some counsel crossed party lines. We would all be better served if party loyalty were removed from the top of the priority list and replaced by compliance.

— Steve Christensen, Chico


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