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Details of Prince Harry’s bombshell memoir Rescue it’s still very quiet and looks like it’s in the royal family no an advanced copy of the book has been shown. That’s it! Did they get an advanced notice of its dull title?

According to The Telephone, “Both Buckingham Palace and Kensington Palace were informed of the book’s title and publication date just before it was published on Thursday morning.” According to that, “no member of the royal family” has seen a written document, and “assistants and legal advisers” have been “saved from the dark.”

Follow the news inside The Daily Mail the “lawyers” of the royal family are waiting for the reminder, and the house has been warned that the book is “concerning everyone and everything” and they are “scared.”

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Of course, while the royal family may not have seen Harry’s writings, they have already stepped up to the title. Additionally, something “loaded and not a good sign.”

As an insider says The Mirror“The very title shows another angry attack on the family after claiming the need for privacy. The lawyers of the palace will be waiting in the new year waiting to see a what’s in it. If Harry’s past accusations in numerous TV interviews are anything to go by, this one is nuclear. Whatever the story is, it’s bound to blow up, and there’s little chance of this happening. as a reconciliation vehicle for Harry and Meghan.

Harry is expected to be in England in the New Year to promote the book, so hopefully he’ll have some time to relax with his family?


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