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The University of Washington School of Law in St. Louis full-tuition scholarships for incoming JD students whose family income is less than 200% of the federal poverty level, said Russell K. Osgood, dean of the School of Law.

For a family of four, that means students with a family income of less than $55,500 are eligible.

Dean Russell Osgood

“WashU Law continues to be a leader in quality legal education for all students, regardless of income or economic background,” Osgood said. “I’m happy because we have a very low guarantee of a full-tuition award for students from low-income homes.”

In addition to scholarships for low-income students, the school has announced that all eligible students will receive a scholarship tailored to their challenges and goals.

“Financial support is not the whole solution, so every student will receive an award tailored to them, which can include money for events, support for free summer activities, childcare, mentors and more,” Osgood said.

Students applying now and joining the school in the future will benefit from these new programs. The school currently costs $64,488.

Law School graduates begin their careers in over 30 states and countries each year, and more than 65 alumni are currently working in law clerks.

“In addition to securing small scholarships, WashU Law is committed to helping all future lawyers navigate the daunting application process,” said Katherine Scannell, dean. secondly for corporate success. “Established a $0 application fee and allowed applicants to review their application for admission without test scores or GPA. The Admissions Office also offers one-on-one consultations, workshops and more to help students to prepare all aspects of their application and answer their questions, whether they are planning to apply to WashU Law.”

For information on a student’s eligibility for this program, contact the School of Legal Administration at


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