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JOHNSTON, SC (WRDW/WGT) — The Edgefield County Sheriff’s Office is assisting the Johnston Police Department with an investigation into a shooting Tuesday morning.

A man was shot in the back in an incident reported around 10:20 a.m. Tuesday in the 600 block of Ridge Road.

An emergency medical team was dispatched to the scene to take him to the hospital for treatment. Emergency personnel were notified that the victim was conscious but bleeding.

Officers also responded to a local grocery store parking lot, the location of another person connected to the shooting.

Sheriff Jody Rowland says there are two victims in the incident and it may be a domestic affair. Emergency crews were trying to assess the woman’s injuries at the grocery store.

“We have a lot of details to work out,” Rowland said.

The shooting is in between An outbreak of violent and deadly crime has gripped the CSRA since spring, claiming nearly 50 lives.. As the largest city in the CSRA, Augusta was particularly hard hit, but the outbreak also affected smaller and larger communities on both sides of the Savannah River.


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