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Last Thursday night wasn’t the first time Saskatoon police shot Ronnie Glenn Herman this year, but this time the 36-year-old from La Loche, Sask., died.

Family says Herman was shot and killed by police Oct. 27 at a home on Avenue EN. Police have not released his name.

Rona Clark Herman also confirmed that her brother Ronnie was the man shot by Saskatoon police on February 23rd. Her brother chased an officer armed with a handgun and a baton out of a home on Avenue L.S.

Ronnie Glenn Herman was back on the police radar Thursday as weapons, threats and drug charges from that encounter worked their way through the courts.

“The Guns and Gangs Unit learned that a 36-year-old male wanted by La Roche RCMP was in the 1300 block of Avenue E N. and was in possession of a firearm,” Police Chief Troy Cooper wrote in a statement. Friday.

“The male violated conditions of release and his electronic monitoring device was removed.”

Dozens of plainclothes and uniformed police with guns gathered at the two-story home across the street from Mayfair Elementary School around 5:45 p.m. Thursday, according to residents who live near and near where Herman died.

Witnesses say police ran through the yard, jumped fences and decks, and cornered Herman inside and outside the corner house. Neighbors heard screams and multiple gunshots.

Police said in a news release that they confronted a suspect at the home before police fatally shot him. No police officers or bystanders were injured.

The old neighborhood was busy at the time of the shooting — parent-teacher interviews had begun at the school and children were on the playground.

Early Friday morning, the police rescue truck was still parked half on the street and half on the house’s side lawn.

Team up to investigate the timeline

Police rescued the truck hours after Ronnie Glenn Herman was fatally shot. (Dan Zakrusky/CBC)

The Regina Police Service and the province’s Serious Incident Response Team are going to piece together the exact sequence of how Saskatoon police came to shoot Ronnie Herman, and its connection to the altercation on Avenue Q that same day.

The public information now available about Ronnie Herman — through court records, police news releases and years of media reports — details a series of violent crimes.

In 2009, when he was 22, Herman pleaded guilty to manslaughter in the beating death of a teenager in a La Roche, Sask., parking lot.

In 2021, La Roche RCMP asked for the public’s help in locating Herman.

“Ronald Herman is wanted by police and has numerous charges pending for his arrest including assault, assault with a weapon, forcible confinement and failure to comply with probation. These offenses were reported to have occurred in La Roche, Sask. on December 25, 2020,” the RCMP said in an appeal for help at the time.

A report from June, prepared by a Saskatoon prosecutor for Herman’s court appearance in February, shows a history of violence.

Defendant has 15 convictions for failure to comply with conditions (release and probation) and one conviction for obstruction. “His pending charges include two probation violations,” the report said.

“Convictions for violence: six assaults, two assaults causing bodily harm, three weapons offenses, one aggravated menacing, one arson, one murder. Pending charges again involving weapons resulting in police-involved shootings.”

Herman was released on several conditions, including not possessing a firearm and ordered to wear an electronic bracelet. He was scheduled to appear in court again on November 10.

Funeral services are being held by his family in La Rochelle, Sask.


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