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Dimapur, October 31 (MExN): Office of Nagaland Sand Stockiest & Suppliers has sent a letter to the President & Friends of Sand Mahalder Welfare Society (Bokulia) & Sand Mahalder and Supplier Association (Manja), Assam, highlighting various issues and grievances faced by the sand stockists and suppliers. distributors of Nagaland State necessary corrective action.

In a release, the Presidents of Sand Supply & Suppliers Association, Dimapur and Chümoukedima and the President of Assam Sand Supply & Truck Owner Nagaland said that the recent rise in the price of sand has hampered the business of Market & Suppliers because in addition to the increased price “We were forced to pay various fees to the Union and various authorities before disposing of the material in Dimapur, Nagaland.”

“When the vehicle was allowed to carry 600 cft, the royalty was Rs 7000, however when the vehicle was restricted to 400 cft, the royalty charges shot up to Rs 13,000 which is intolerable and burdensome. become the traders and suppliers of Nagaland.” the release stated.

It also questioned the new system under which “only 3 TPs are issued per day mohal after the vehicle is restricted to travel only 400 cft,” saying it hampers the business of traders and suppliers.

Further, the release said that Sand Mahalder Welfare Society (Bokulia) & Sand Mahalder and Supplier Association (Manja), Assam were monitoring the amount of sand being carried by the trucks and they are reportedly confiscating the sand on the grounds that they were carrying more than 400 sq.ft. , creating confusion and fear in the minds of the concerned people.

She also described as alarming that an “illegal tax” of Rs 1000 per vehicle is being levied, which is leading to losses, while also saying that the suspension of sand vehicles from 5:00 pm to 5:00 pm. 00 am which is illegal and brings. additional difficulty in the administration of business between the two parties concerned.”

As such, she requested their Assam counterparts to review the revised status and take necessary additional steps to address all grievances within 5 days in the interest of both parties and good coordination.

“If our appeal is not heeded, we will have no other option but to take our democratic approach in the interest of the Naga people by calling it a general sand band in Nagaland state,” she added.


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