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Published: 2022-10-31T14:45:45

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Activision may remove the Call of Duty Breenbergh Hotel map from Modern Warfare 2 after legal issues emerged due to its design resemblance to a five-star hotel in Amsterdam.

It’s no secret that events and locations around the world inspire many of Infinity Ward’s campaigns and map designs. However, in Modern Warfare 2, these situations force Activision to remove the map after making it illegal.

The first map to be removed after the Beta was that of the Valderas Museum after its resemblance to the Getty Museum in California led to several legal battles against the game. Now the Breenbergh hotel map is in trouble after the hotel is based on the story of not being part of the first person shooter.

MW2 can download Breenbergh Hotel map after ‘failure to enter’

Breenbergh Hotel mapActivision

The Breenbergh Hotel plan is based on a luxury hotel in Amsterdam.

The design of the Breenbergh Hotel map is based on a five-star hotel in Amsterdam called the Conservatorium Hotel. After learning of this story, the hotel manager spoke to the Volkskrant about their “unnecessary involvement” in the New War 2 and how they were not consulted or asked before the construction. of this map.

The director explained that the hotel does not “support games that seem to encourage violence” saying that Modern Warfare 2 “does not reflect our core values ​​and [they] sad [their] have a visible and unwanted presence.” At this time, there is no word on the legal action of the Conservatorium Hotel.

This legal action from the Getty Museum and the Conservatorium Hotel is not the only subject of unprecedented excitement in Modern Warfare 2. In fact, it has been reported that Call of Duty pros play a new era. Crown Raceway has a map after legal issues because it is similar to the Marina Bay Formula 1 Grand Prix race track in Singapore.

There is no confirmation of the current legal action being taken against the Breenbergh Hotel map.


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