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Petersburg Borough Assembly Chambers. (Photo by KFSK)

The Petersburg City Council met last week on Monday at noon. In that meeting, they also decided on a special management meeting – closed to the public – which happened on Friday.

The Petersburg City Council considered a decision to change the meeting times. Thought about moving all meeting times to 6pm in the evenings, rather than alternating between noon and evening meeting times. Three residents spoke in support of the decision.

Danna Thynes called to talk. “For years past,” he said, “the Borough meeting met at six o’clock in the afternoon, or at 12 o’clock in the afternoon, unless the man had his finger to shoot.” of local politics is hard to follow. It’s a real problem for people who haven’t retired and still have day jobs.”

Gloria Ann Wallen personally expressed her support for the evening meetings and suggested that the meetings be moved to seven in the evening instead of six. “Because for us in the working people,” he said, “it’s very difficult for us and the heads of departments to go home, put our children, get a helpers are not playing there. , and have to go to our children to come here for the meeting. So I don’t know why six o’clock is the new norm for most meetings… But it is not available for those with children.”

Assemblywoman Donna Marsh proposed an amendment to the resolution to move the meeting times to seven. But that amendment failed. One letter was sent to Congress against the resolution and one in support. They also received an unofficial petition with 72 signatures in support.

Congressman Bob Lynn spoke at length about changing meeting times and reminded Congress of its history considering the issue. He said different times could have given him more opportunities. “Meetings at noon and night will give all residents an opportunity to be heard no matter what they choose to participate in. There are different ways to get involved.”

He noted that those comments supported only meeting in the evening, suggesting that the region should not favor the few but the majority. Lynn said this was a setback to the city’s goals when they decided to join. “One common value that came out,” he said, “and I want to emphasize that is to make sure that everyone in the city has a chance to participate regardless of whether they are the majority or the minority.”

In the end, the decision to change meeting times to evenings was made by a four to three vote.

In other Assembly business, Assemblyman Bob Lynn was appointed Deputy Mayor. Ambre Burrell joins Parks and Recreation advisory board. And Scott Roberge will fill the vacant seat on the Harbors and Ports advisory board. The Congress passed two resolutions for the third and final time. Going forward, property seized by the district due to tax foreclosures will be sold to pay for public housing. And Congress approved the change to next year’s budget for the known changes.

The meeting adjourned to decide whether to appoint an outside law firm to represent the city in the lawsuit. (There are two lawsuits related to the area, but Congress considered legislating one of them.) That lawsuit involved a records request. Submitted to Borough and Clerk Debra Thompson by Don Koenigs. Jermain, Dunnagan, and Owens of Anchorage is the firm named by the Borough’s insurer.

The Assembly chose to move that discussion to a special closed session held on Friday at 5:00 pm so that they could speak privately with the Borough’s in-house attorney. After that special meeting, Congress passed a resolution appointing the law firm as special legal counsel for the trial.


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