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TONOPAH, AZ (3TV/CBS 5) – A man was arrested after accidentally shooting a teenager in the head Sunday afternoon in Tonopah.

Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office deputies responded to a call from the Harquahala Valley Fire Department that a gun had gone off and a person had been shot. When deputies arrived, they found a teenager dead from a gunshot wound to the head. Deputies learned the teenager and three others had been hunting in the area and were driving two pickup trucks on Lower Buckeye Road.

The teenager who was shot was sitting in the passenger seat of a Chevy Silverado while 19-year-old Dax Goodwin was driving his F-150 pickup. According to court papers, Goodwin told police that two trucks were driving side by side when they hit a pothole in the road while driving and a .22 revolver sitting in the console went off, shooting the teenager. head. The two trucks then went to the fire station for help.

Goodwin was taken to the sheriff’s office for further questioning and told deputies he was being dishonest at the fire station. He told investigators the teenager pointed the revolver at his own head and pulled the trigger several times, leading Goodwin to believe the gun was unloaded, court papers say. Goodwin said he then took the gun out of the teenager’s hand, pointed it at him, pulled the trigger and fired, court papers say. Court documents say Goodwin told officers he didn’t mean to shoot him.

He told officers he had experience handling weapons and was aware of gun safety laws, and court documents say he told deputies some. Two other teenagers in the group told officers they saw Goodwin shoot the teenager, police said. One teenager told investigators that Goodwin killed the teenager after the boy pointed the gun at his own head, and another teenager said he didn’t know why Goodwin shot the boy, court papers say.

Goodwin was arrested and charged with various charges, including murder. He is being held on a $50,000 bond.


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