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Women look for jobs at an industry conference organized by the Yunnan Provincial Women’s Federation in Kunming, Yunnan province, on March 8, 2021. [Photo by Yang Zheng/For China Daily]

The regulations address areas that are often discussed by the public, the official said

A new reform law passed by China’s top legislature will provide greater protection and support for women in many other areas, including work and their own families.

“The amendment to the Law for the Protection of the Rights and Interests of Women shows the importance of women’s reputation and personal rights, in response to hot issues and concerns of the public. against women in recent years,” said Guo Linmao, a law enforcement official. The Affairs Commission and Standing Committee of the National People’s Congress.

This came after the NPC Standing Committee, the country’s main legislative body, approved the amendment into law on Sunday.

The 86-page revised law requires employers not to prevent female workers from advancing or acquiring technical skills due to circumstances such as marriage, pregnancy, maternity leave, or breastfeeding. or, to prevent discrimination in employment.

Government agencies as well as village and community committees must report, rescue, care for and assist women if they are found to be trafficked or abducted, according to the law , starting January 1.

The law prohibits harassment of women through words, text messages, physical actions or other means, and it says women are encouraged to report to government agencies or security authorities. of the people, or to initiate a civil suit if they are wronged.

It also requires employers to create policies and designate a specific group or employees who handle harassment, as well as reporting methods, such as email addresses and phone numbers, for female workers.

When dealing with these incidents, employers must protect women’s information and provide psychological support for victims if necessary, it said.

It also said that hostel managers should be strict and contact the police if they see women being harmed.

“These statements aim to ensure special protection for women in terms of their needs for work and life, and respond to issues that have been complained about among the people,” Guo said.

“Amending the law is a call for all aspects – government agencies, social organizations and businesses – to care, respect and protect women,” he added.

In order to further protect women’s privacy and reputation, the law clarifies that media reports must be regulated so as not to violate women’s personal rights.

Human resources and social security agencies are allowed to cooperate with trade unions and women’s conferences to have legal discussions with employers if companies are found to have problems in guaranteeing the rights and interests of workers. woman.

In addition, government agencies at all levels need to pay more attention to the protection of women in difficult situations, especially the poor, the elderly, and the disabled.


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