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You might be surprised at the number of ways you can lose your driver’s license without even knowing it. Depending on your condition, you may not be able to drive if you break certain laws or fail to meet specific requirements.

Each state has its own laws and regulations regarding car insurance, driving privileges, and more. For example, did you know that your driver’s license could be in jeopardy if you fail to provide a new address, update your social security number, or pay traffic tickets on time?

Sometimes, the loss of your license comes after a number of traffic violations. However, some states have laws that can revoke your license for a serious offense. Still angry in Massachusetts allow the police to revoke a person’s license permanently under certain circumstances.

Here are ten things that can cause you to lose your driver’s license.

1. Speed

Most drivers are guilty of speeding at one time or another. Speed ​​limits aren’t really a good idea. Accumulating too many speeding tickets can result in the loss of your license.

2. Bad driving

Driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol is a serious crime. In some states, your license may be in jeopardy if you refuse to take a heart test. In addition to losing your license, you can face heavy fines and jail time for driving under the influence.

3. A Story About Driving a Car

Communication is a big problem when driving across the country. It is determined by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration 3,000 died in traffic accidents It happens every year because of the problem of driving. Many states pass hands-free laws that prohibit the use of cell phones while driving.

4. Drag Race

Racing from stoplight to stoplight at high speeds is dangerous. If you are caught drag racing, your license will be suspended and you will go to jail.

5. Drive carefully

You understand that having too many points on your record can result in a license suspension. Minor traffic violations, such as failure to stop at stop signs and driving improperly, can add up to a license suspension.

6. Hit & Run

If you hit another person or vehicle, stay at the scene until the police arrive. In some states, you can be ticketed if you don’t call 911 after hitting a pet like a cat or dog.

7. Vehicle Discharge

There are many little-known laws that can take away your driving control. Leaving a broken down vehicle on the side of the road is another.

8. Uninsured Vehicles

Car insurance and registration are necessary to keep your license in good condition.

9. Failure to Stop for the School Bus

Videos often show the close calls of students who are about to be hit by drivers passing stopped school buses. In some states, doing so can result in the loss of your license.

10. Driving on a Suspended License

It is not uncommon for your DL to be suspended for any reason. Many people continue to drive and risk losing their license altogether.

There are places where your driver’s license can be revoked without prior warning.

Remember – driving is a privilege, not a right. If you want to keep your license, avoid these ten illegal behaviors.


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