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Do Americans want a Justice Department that requires them to cooperate with non-committal nonsense and unbelievable fishing trips if they dare support policies the president disagrees with?

That hope was tested in an Alabama courthouse.

A federal judge reprimanded the DOJ this week for targeting Alabama-based nonprofit Eagle Forum with an ad campaign — punishing the wrongdoer for white supremacy. doing and sending a message of terror to other dissenters from orthodoxy.

The judge’s decision came in Boe v. Marshall, a case the Justice Department defended this spring, challenged Alabama over the validity of its Vulnerable Child Care and Protection Act.

That law would prevent Alabamans from offering so-called “gender manipulation” to minors — which could include giving them birth control and sex-changing hormones, even removing their breasts and replacing their genitals – under penalty of a crime.

President Joe Biden said in a recent interview that he believes no government should be allowed to stop child abuse. DOJ is prosecuting on that.

Enter the Eagle Conference, which proposed the law. DOJ said it believed the lobbying group was also involved in drafting the bill. And in a move that would embarrass the committee on January 6, under the guise of discovery in August, the DOJ issued a notice ordering the Eagle Conference – a non-party to the case — to issue 11 types of documents covering five-year items related to the bill.

President Biden said at a rally this week that no government should be able to ban gender-based care for minors.
President Biden said at a rally this week that no government should be able to ban gender-based care for minors.
AP Photo/Manuel Balce Ceneta

DOJ requested all evidence related to the alleged misconduct, from memos and research to communications with lawmakers and other stakeholders.

Eagle Forum called on the court to quash the notice, saying that doing so would not only be too costly and difficult but its actions would be irrelevant to the case – and would threaten fundamental rights. many Americans.

Eagle Forum volunteer activist Margaret Clarke said in 45 years of legal advocacy, her organization and her colleagues have never been called out for their actions. If passed, he wrote in the affidavit, “it will have a negative impact on the previous rights of the Constitution and legal support.”

The group’s executive director, Becky Gerritson, gained national attention in 2013 when she testified before Congress about the IRS’s pursuit of the Wetumpka Tea Party that she led.

Now fighting the scandal of another federal agency, he wrote in an affidavit that the DOJ’s request “constitutes a form of government harassment and retaliation for sensitive public information.” ” and “elected officials to carry out our constitution.”

In Eagle Forum’s opposition to the call and fire from several supporting organizations through amicus briefs, the DOJ pushed back. In early October, the court was told that its requests had been “narrowed” to one: medical research or articles in one area of ​​the law.

In the subsequent hearing, Judge Liles Burke took the office and asked the official who signed the notice: What, if the government has done well from the jump, this time ” is asking for 1 percent” of the first. the news?

Burke also said he found the initial announcement “very overwhelming and overwhelming,” and wondered “how in the world” the requested materials “could have an impact on this case.”

What does the group’s demand for law have to do with the rule of law? The DOJ official huffed and puffed in response, as if beaten.

Burke noted that if that appeal were to stand, the DOJ could in the future allow progressive groups to challenge their demands. “Do you think the Justice Department thinks we should go to this country?” he asked.

The judge denied the request, citing “government oversight,” including “eleventh-hour restrictions.”

In doing so, Burke was critical of Biden’s handling of his War on Wrongthink. Among his targets are many pro-lifers, many of whom have been attacked in shocking and horrific acts and who appear to have paid a high price for protesting against abortion facilities – while walking free. those firehouses. And parents upset that their public schools have embraced racist ideology and implemented draconian COVID-19 policies that have been slapped with anti-terrorist labels.

A case like the one Eagle Forum brought up shows that there is a level of politicization and carnage in the industry that may be irreversible.

It will be up to the next Congress and possibly the president to deal with that.

Benjamin Weingarten is associate editor of RealClearInvestigations, a senior contributor to The Federalist and a Claremont Institute fellow.


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